Custom Domain Link is not linking


Replit Profile:

Custom Domain Linking is not linking even it is 48 hours

I want a custom domain linking for this repl

I want link this domain :

Please help me on this

I have used cloudfare

That looks like a Support team fix, sorry @arhanansari2009 - @ShaneAtReplit can you help with this?

Hi @arhanansari2009,

It appears that the domain you mentioned “” isn’t registered with any domain registrar yet as far as I can see.

You would first need to purchase the domain with a registrar such as Namecheap.

Then you would add the DNS records that your Repl shows you when you click on the pencil icon in the top right of the webview inside your Repl, once you’ve entered your domain name in that area to map it.

Please let me know if you get stuck on any part, I’m happy to provide further guidance if need be.

Actually I have no money or Not allowed to spend any money

If the project is not serious, I would suggest using a free domain from Freenom in that case.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not own these domains like paid domains, Freenom just lets you “borrow them” and they need to be “renewed” every 12 months. They also reserve the right to take the domin away at any time without warning, which has happened to people before but not myself yet luckily. Freenom domains are also treated with a little scepticism due to scammers using them.

With that being said, Freenom is probably the best bet.

You have a choice of .tk .ml .cf .ga and .gq extensions to register domains for free.

Hope that helps.

But I want an extension of .in or .com

Those extensions are paid unfortunately. One ot cheapest providers I’ve found for domains is Namecheap. Porkbun and Google Domains are quite reasonably priced also.

Can you just buy it for me?
It is important website

No one is going to buy a website for you just because you just can’t afford or unable to purchase one yourself.

If you really want a free domain, you can use Github Pages and create a website for your Repl.

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If it is a website for yourself and you really need a .com or .in, I would suggest completing a few bounties to earn cycles which can be cashed out so you can spend it on domains.

If the website is for someone else and they require a .com or .in, I would kindly explain to them that they need to pay for it and it is only a small cost.

If either of those options are not viable, there are other solutions for free such as Freenom and @savardo’s suggestion.

I hope this helps.

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Don’t know how to do it

You can check for how to get started on Github Pages

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How can I do this for