Custom Console Color With Theme

When you’re making your custom theme to be across the entirety of Replit, you should be able to specifically change the console custom colors. When the user wants to change their text color to red inside the console (using colorama as example), it’ll be a different shade. This is already a thing within the theme creation, but I don’t think it’s done super well. There’s no way to directly change it without having to change other things as well. I tried to make this make as much sense as possible, sorry if it didn’t come across well.

Earlier I was making a custom theme and I noticed that the colors for the console were all weird compared to what name suggests (red → not red, green → not green, ect). This resulted me in having to redo the entire theme and be super careful with what I change.

Overall, I do LOVE the custom themes! Thanks a lot for it.

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Hey @LZulb, welcome to the forums!

It’s a great idea, but I sadly think that it’s not able to modify console colors.

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