Custom Boilerplates

You know that boilerplate filler that is there every, single, time you create a HTML Repl? Well wouldn’t it be super great if you could just create custom boilerplates? This could make it so that you can have some stylesheets that are always in the starting file, make it less messy, and just more personalization.

Current boilerplate:

And example:

I have amazing ideas, am I right?

PS: A really good idea for y’all are Replit is to make custom starters, not only could you like change stuff with boilerplate but also default stuff in style.css, and default files, etc. This would be super cool :slight_smile:


This sounds roughly like the existing template system. I’m pretty sure I get what you’re suggesting, but I think it sounds too similar to templates.


I was thinking boilerplate could also be like when you type ! and press Tab in HTML files, that differentiates it from templates.