Cursor moves position when text is selected

Problem description:
While selecting text to be copied and pasted the cursor moved to another location of the file.
Sometimes even while typing,

Expected behavior:
The cursor stays where it is supposed to be

Actual behavior:
Cursor jumps lines (sometimes 50) to the top of the file without any reason.

Steps to reproduce:
Select a line or a variable and see. It happens 100% if you start copy and paste.

Bug appears at this link:
Any of my python repl

Windows 11, Edge.

Check that you haven’t enabled emacs or vim keybindings

How? Did not even know this was possible.

Go to your repl and open settings, it’s under keybinds

It is in default so that is not the issue.

Could just be replit being buggy again, one last thing you can try is using a different browser like firefox or chrome (they tend to cause less issues then edge).
And make sure you aren’t accidentally hitting the trackpad if you are on a laptop

Will check with chrome tomorrow.