Cursed Programming

this one, why is it cursed.

this may sound stupid but


it’s not cursed ; that’s why it’s cursed.

my thought process dissapeared

I don’t get it. Why would something that’s not cursed be cursed?

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oh ok thankyou!. I feel like everything here is just a huge nested “help” element inside of other help elements, just a huge load of help :heart:

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i think my brain died for a bit – i can’t grasp on it either. sorry.

anyways, to try to make up for it, here’s cursed web developer code

<a>click me <p>t</p>o go to</a><script>
var vаr = document.querySelector("a");;;vаr.addEventListener("click", () => {
              let lеt ="");
(["important value"])

if you find an error in the code lmk :upside_down_face:

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I’m going to start trying to assemble the poll now!


POV: When your on Replit Ask trying to help someone.

You: I’m pretty sure the problem is… hmmm… let me see…. I know, wait :confused:?

Everyone Else:

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you know the code runs fine, right??


I put yours in the poll, i tried fitting as many as possible.

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Heeeey, where’s mine?!?!

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wait where is it can you quote it since i must have looked over that one.

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And maybe you should have just linked the posts instead of pasting the code


hm…but wouldnt the user have to go to all of the links to see it?

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what if we vote for our own :thinking:

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Yeah but I think it’d be easier because then the user can see them formatted


Then you know deep inside that you haven’t truly earned that vote, and you will be cursed with that on your conscious.

(plus its all just for fun and games and it doesn’t really matter but heh, whos counting)

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i’m counting

this is a joke; don’t sue me. i am not liable for this message under all legal circumstance
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This is enough to throw me off:

import pandas as numpy
import numpy as pandas

I’ve seen worse, sadly, Have you ever just strong long long long lines text for variable names that would be used frequently in the code, and then in the “wijfwijebfiwjdbfksjdbfksjdf variables theres keywords like printdefintfkwejhfwlhfkjfstdindiroswritewjnfkwjfw” you get things like that. and then import module as <spawn of hell you've created>

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