Curriculum Hub on Teams for Education

I have recently started using Replit with all my coding classes from S1 onwards.

The Curriculum Hub is fantastic and I love the work that has gone into the Python course by STACS.

However some things are introduced slightly differently than how I would like, for example:

-I would use f-strings rather than the + operator (negating the need to cast everything as a string)
-On INPUT I have found that pupils grasp the concepts more readily if the data is then data-cast on the line following rather than on the same line.
-I would like to add in further debug and create tasks at each stage.
-there will be other items no doubt…

Now I realise that I can edit each task, however I am currently delivering this to 6 individual S2 classes and imminently, 7 S1 classes - so it would be a task to edit the tasks individually for each class or to edit and copy each of the tasks from Team to Team. Much better would be if I could create my own course (on the Curriculum Hub or otherwise) which I could then issue to each Team - this would also give a method of storing a ‘Master Copy’ for future use.

Is it possible for me to either create a course for the Curriculum Hub or for me to store a master copy of a course somewhere that I could then copy to Teams as needed?

Many TIA :grinning::+1:


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I have the same question, but aimed at Java. We have a new course up here, and it would be great for myself and other teachers in the board (and anyone else) to have access to a stock of Replit-based materials to get teachers started, by placing them on the curriculum hub, and how do you do that?

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