Curriculum Development - Scotland

Hey folks,

I was wondering if it is possible to create new things for the curriculum hub? I notice there is one for Python for GCSE and I would love to put something together for N5 in Scotland.

Would save a lot of time in the future!

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Hi @9084082 welcome to the community!

You’ve come to the right place! I’m also a teacher in Scotland and we’ve set up a collaborative area for N5, Higher and AH examples and tasks. It’s early days but by collating what a few teachers have built using Replit we should be able to create an N5 curriculum not just for Python but for Databases and Web Design too.

I’ll send you a DM in a moment to link you to the group.

Hey Ian!

That’s brilliant! It’s Craig Duffy - I just signed up with my login username for the council rather than my name so if I move schools I don’t lose access hence the anonymity!

Please do drop me an invite - have also DM’d you on Twitter about it!

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If possible could I be added to this group, sounds like a great idea. I am also a teacher in South Lanarkshire.