Ctrl + ] does not indent the whole line

Problem description: Ctrl + ] only adds the indentation (e.g. 4 spaces) to the end of the line, and not to the full line

Expected behavior: This should indent the 4 spaces at the start of the line

Actual behavior: Adds 4 spaces to the end of the line

Steps to reproduce:

  1. press ctrl + ]

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome Windows

Try doing tab. Does that work?


It’s just Tab. Not Ctrl + Tab.
Unindent would be Shift + Tab.


lol sorry my bad :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t think you understand the issue at hand here.

I made no mention of ctrl + tab

I mean ctrl + ] and ctrl + [, which are two shortcuts that replit supports but implements incorrectly.

I was replying to @JayAySeaOhBee14. As we suggested, try using Tab as a replacement for Ctrl + [.

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I’m saying, does using Tab or Shift+Tab work instead?

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yes tab and shift + tab do work, but I would like to see ctrl + [ and ctrl + ] to be implemented properly because they are shortcuts that exist and that’s why I’m making a bug report.

A super useful feature of ctrl + ] is you can run it anywhere on the line, without having to select the line, which tab doesn’t have (and shouldn’t have).

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