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I am a literal CSS newbie, What are the best CSS Plugins?

Idk a plugin, but if you’re new, you can try css-tricks. If you need helping with CSS, you can DM me on discord => Hugoonreplit#7284

Well, just some information, I don’t think “css” in general has plugins. It has “frameworks” or “libraries”

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I mean, like twbs, tailwindcss, etc…

I’ve only ever done vanilla CSS, but Bootstrap?

Go with tailwind if you want a framework, but I would recommend having a strong hold of basic css. Like centering a div, text and doing basic things likewise. Tailwind is actually awesome, you’ll know once you start using it yourself.

If you want a good pre-processor, go on with sass. (I don’t have much experience with sass myself)

You can also go with bootstrap but to me it’s unwise to learn it in 2023, let it rest peacefully.

Just in case you’re looking for options, here are some:

  1. ChakraUi
  2. Skeleton

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