CSS file does not connect with HTML file while scraping a site

So I scrape a cinema’s site using python and put this information into a html file. This works perfectly fine, but I am not able to connect this html file with a css file. Now the scraped data is just shown in plain html, but I ofcourse want to make it look better. Why does my code in the css file not show it’s results in the webview?

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I don’t know flask myself but I think css should be in a folder called static.


Thank you! The css file now connects, but the problem now is that it doesn’t update. I used css to make the text blue, but when I change it to an other color, it doesn’t change in the webview. It seems like it only took the code from the css file once and doesn’t update anymore…

I too faced that problem when I forked your repl, as I have stated that I don’t know much flask myself, hopefully someone in the community who knows flask will come to help :slight_smile:

Okay! Thank you still for helping :slight_smile:

I’ve got the fix for you, we’ll be covering it first up in Replit 101 tonight Replit 101 Coding Helpline - YouTube

Take a look at the rewatch, you were the second question solved in the end!

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Hi, sorry for the late response. Thank you very much for the answer!