CSS Animation Reverting Back To Default Even After Animation is Played

This is driving me insane, why is my button getting reset back to the original position and why is it visible!?! Can someone please explain…

Repl link:

@ColoredHue I don’t see this problem happening. Could you please show some screenshots of the problem?

I think he means when you click the button.

I still don’t see anything that could possible be happening… even after clicking the button.

This is what it’s doing:

When I click the button, it goes offscreen and becomes invisible, but then a second later it comes back and doesn’t do anything when clicked. Clicking not on the button but on the page itself seems to restart the buttons animation…

@ColoredHue I see… strange indeed.
CSS :focus Selector (w3schools.com)
the :focus selector is for the object that has focus. Once the object does not have focus, it will revert.


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