CSS and JS returning 404 error

I hate javascipt. GAH! but its a fact of life with web apps.

im running into an issue where my .css and .js files are getting 404’d even though ive stared at the paths and file names for an hour and cannot fathom why my index.html cannot find the scripts.
So not really a code issue, but more of a cant find the code issue.

I AM NOT a web developer, I like to lurk on the back end. Are any webbies around that can smack me with a clue-bat and tell me what basic stupid I’m doing here?

here is my replit, it’s public. part of a larger struggle to record audio, compress to mp3 and then send it to various API AI calls. once I get this solved it’s all backend which im good at.
This is step 1, get saving as wav files. mp3 conversion will be another battle.


thanks and gratitude for any help here.

I just now ran the program and it works fine for me, it might be because of a permissions issue

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It’s because it was solved in another topic.


sorry I forgot I created this second one, I was told it belonged here, so was in the process of moving the question to the right subforum. got an answer on the original and the distracted and didn’t finish the process. My apologies.

I’m an old-school (as in starting in the punch card days) programmer coming up to speed on all the newfangled stuff, including the concepts of help forums. IRC is what I’m more familiar with, bear with me and I’ll eventually be able to solve some hard problems for the community using some of the lost dark arts and experience I have.

To move the question in future, just edit and change the category. If you can’t edit it for any reason, feel free to ask a TL3+ member to change it for you or just make a reply to the original post stating whatever change you would like to make or more information you would like to include. We’d just prefer not to have ‘duplicate’ posts so the forum doesn’t get cluttered. :slight_smile: