CSC : error CS1555: Could not find 'Program' specified for Main method [/home/runner/Practice/main.csproj]

My code has no underlines or anything but when I run it I get

dotnet run
CSC : error CS1555: Could not find 'Program' specified for Main method [/home/runner/Practice/main.csproj]
The build failed. Fix the build errors and run again.
exit status 1


using System;
class Flower {
    //data members 
    public String location; //container for location of flower
    public String Species; // '' for species of flower
    public String colour; // '' for colour of flower
    //methods - defining the actions the flower can do
    public void Bloom()
        Console.WriteLine(Species + "bloomed!");
    public void Sprout()
        Console.WriteLine(Species + "sprouted!");


class Progroam
    static void Main()
        Flower petunia = new Flower();
      petunia.Species = "Petunia";
      petunia.location = "Mountains";
      petunia.colour = "Violet";


I fixed the class program and now the code runs, but “dotnet run” is still being mentioned:

@KikiCPU you misspelled class Program as class Prograom, as the language is looking for the class Program to run the method Main

I noticed that and fixed it, the program runs but “dotnet run” is still being mentioned

Open the .replit file and change the run command

Change from:

run = "dotnet run"


run = "dotnet exec bin/Debug/net5.0/main.dll"

Remember that once you do tihs if you make changes to your code, you may need to manually build the project before running it again.