Cross site embedding no longer works

The classic domain allowed embedding fonts from other domain websites, but with the new deployment system, this no longer works.

Embedding fonts from other domain websites fails.

What areas or features are involved to enable cross site embedding?

Hello @typedesign! has been replaced with and

Yes, but the new domain no longer works with cross site embedding of fonts.

They’re aware of this, you can see it in their screenshot:

Are you using static Repls, or autoscale?

I’m using static repls to host my websites

Hmm. I’m not quite sure then, on an autoscale Repl I’d suggest adding a CORS response, but you can’t exactly do that on a static Repl.


I just updated my node template to include a CORS response, if you’re okay with forking and putting your files in that Repl’s public folder and deploying as autoscale instead.

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