Crosis4Furrets writing on specific lines/deleting specific lines of a file

I was wondering how to use @RayhanADev’s Crosis4Furrets package to edit/delete specific lines in a file. I got editing/reading a file to work, but I still don’t know how to do more advanced stuff. It would be cool to be able to do this sort of thing in any other way than overwriting the entire file, but if that’s the only way, i’ll do it, I just feel like as if that is not very efficient.

What do you mean more advanced the writing/reading.

I wanted to be able to edit/delete specific lines, not have to overwrite the file every time.

python orrr what else?

It is js, not python

Crosis4Furrets is written in NodeJS, might port it to python someday

Yeah, I’m doing it one of these days so I can have a pure python package

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what even is crosis4furrets?


Basically the ability to interact with replit files automatically via code

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yea, its a wrapper to make crosis (which is how replit does interactions with files, you can do it automatically) easier to use

I thought that was illegal

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nah it’s not (I think, ray is mod XD)

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go to pms for a min.

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Not only a mod cause they also do contract work for Replit.