Creating repl error message

Expected vs Current Behavior:
Error “There was an error connecting to the server”

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Replit Profile:

What is the external IP addresses that running the repl script goes to so we can add those to our firewall. We presently have a number of school using this service.

Hi @gmf2022-tech , welcome to the forums!
Try unblocking the * domain, as that is the domain controlling the Output.
Hope this helps!

That did not work.

So far on our firewall we have added the following

It has to be *, not just


@gmf2022-tech The * is a wildcard domain, so anything that ends with will be unblocked.


yes, added * and and still without success

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Hang on, could you try moving out of the folders?

So, I am not a dev person. I part of the security team at our school board that manages firewall access for websites. Many of our educators and students use replit as a learning tool. How do I move it?

thank you for the support.

Just click where it says in the sidebar, and drag it above the src folder.

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same error when I run it.

@gmf2022-tech Can you close/exit the output window and run it again? Or try forking it? If you’ve allowlisted all the Replit domains, it might still error because the previous result is cached/stuck in the error. I’d also recommend testing with a fresh browser cache or another browser.