Creating mutiple projects

Hey guys, I am fairly new to programming and just started using Replit. I created one project, and it works fine, but I am trying to start a new project and every time I open a file, and type in the code, and run it, it runs the code for my last project. How do i get a separate code to run? Hopefully this makes sense.

Hey, @Kenny911 welcome to the forums!

If they are separate projects I recommend making a different repl for each one. But if you do want to keep them all in one file you would need to modify the .replit file and change the entry point to the file you want to run.

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Ahhh, ok. That’s what I will do! I thought creating a new folder under one repl would do the trick. Thanks!

if this is for switching between multiple versions of the same project, you could switch between multiple git branches (version control tab)