Creating a Web-based Chatroom?


I was wondering how to go about creating a web-based public chatroom. I’ve followed some guides, tutorials and videos but none of them seemed to work or to be what I was looking for.
I would like to create a simple, web-based chatroom that anyone can access, just to send text messages. It would be best if the chat-history is saved and not cleared for a user every time they rejoin. It can equally use a prompt for the username.

If anyone knows how I can realize this project, please inform me on how to do so.


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Learn a bit of PHP, NodeJS, or fork a prebuilt chatroom and edit it. A program would probably take up multiple files and a lot of space here.


Hey @ItsDev0!

These forums aren’t really the right place to ask for someone to create a whole program for you. If you have any programming specific questions then feel free to ask them here.

I would recommend you create a bounty.


I’d love to help you out if you were using NodeJS, especially if you made a bounty! If not, that’s fine, I’m happy to help out with small minor things.

Essentially, what you want is a combination of real-time communications, most likely via WebSockets, and a database set up to store past data. If you’re already working on something, I’d be happy to check it out and send you in the right direction. :smile:

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This is possible with, but that requires some Node.js and Express.js. In order to save chat history I would recommend using a real database, like ReplitDB because only transmits data, but it does not save it. I think using a Node.js repl would be best to make a chat room.
Here’s an example of a chat room in Node.js with
Use this tutorial to create a chat room like that one:


I don’t believe is limited to NodeJS, I believe there are other versions, like one for Python and a few other languages.

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