Creating a desktop-like website (as a beginner)

Hi Replit Community,

I’m a complete beginner & am learning how to code.

While I’m doing things like Replit’s 100 Days of Code to learn, there’s also a project that I’d really like to get started on + to use a base as I learn.

I want to create a desktop-like website & add elements on top of it, like the following ones:

I’m trying to use the first site (repo on GitHub: GitHub - chiubaca/hacker-fm:, but with outrun and lo-fi aesthetics...) to get started & play around with it. However, I’ve tried to get the repo both onto Vercel & Netlify, and I get the same errors (which I don’t understand, as a beginner). In Replit, I get the following errors & cannot seem to install the correct packages for npm install -g npm or the peer dependencies:

What’s the best way to clone a GitHub repo into Replit, and for me to be able to play around with it? I can’t seem to get it to be previewed anywhere.

Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you all so much!

  • Juan
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Well, Juan, I like your idea for this! I guess you could eithrr make a repository on Github and clone it here, or do it the hard way and copy and paste data for files with the same names as the ones in the project you want to base off of. That or make your own desktop clone from the ground up (use jQuery and Bootstrap maybe). Anyways, good luck and I hope you find your way into this!

-Doomsday, the guy with the Nikocado pfp.

Easiest way to fork the repo is using the option import from github which appears on top right while creating a repl. Forking the repo you mentioned works for me on my end, however this website lacks some things. Also the repo you mentioned uses typescript, which is not beginner friendly as you said you’re a beginner.

I think, unless you’re good at javascript/typescript already, this is not a repo which you can play around with; especially as a beginner.