Creating a Database for a Ranking System

Is there an easy way to make a database to store a discord user’s points and levels for a ranking system? Each tutorial I look at just confuses me and doesn’t use replit’s built-in database, and I would like to use that.

Mongodb Is A good Database For Discord Bots

What language are you using?

He Is Using Node.js Right Now

to use replit’s built-in database, just require replit db (I only know python’s implementation, but a simple peek in could help) and use it like normal
otherwise, there should be plenty of guides for mongodb
use the packager (if available), and you don’t need to install node as that is preinstalled


How could I create a database entry for each person in the guild?

In which database are You talking About?

Can you give us the link to your Repl?


I’m talking about the replit database

Also, whenever I stop and start the replit, the database clears. Is there a way to prevent that?

Mongodb is better than replit database in discord bots systems and easier.