Create Repl API

I would like to create a repl using an API that takes in github URL as parameter and creates a reply with the github repository imported. Can some one suggest if this is possible?

Thank you in advance

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I know replit has an api that allows you to interact with their platform programmatically. You have to create an endpoint or route though that accepts the GitHub URL as a parameter. And from there its all just documentation and trial and error to get what you want.
Heres the replit API ^

I hope this helps!


I am 90% sure they took those API’s down a long time ago, so they probably will not work rn.

Yes, it is probably possible. But:

  1. the API is kind of a secret for mods only, tho people can still use it without getting in trouble, unless they use mutations.
  2. To create or modify anything you need to do mutations, I recommend contacting a mod to see if it is ok first, although the answer will probably be no (what you want to do might get you in trouble)

Oh, well what about that other 10%? Surely we can still try.

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Aah! This is sad. Sure I will try to connect. Thank you so much.
I am actually exploring some cloud sandboxing solutions for GitHub repositories. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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CI/CD tool, and import GitHub repositories into the environment are the only two things I can think of, google is being very difficult with me right now.

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Yeah that’s not allowed according to Replit’s Terms of Service, unless you get their permission first. If you do, it’s easy, it’s just a GraphQL request.