Create and Download a File from Base64 in Node.js

Hi everybody!
I want to create and download an mp3 file from a Base64 buffer in Node.js. I’ve made a program that takes this buffer and writes it into an mp3 file, and the file runs perfectly in the Replit editor. But the problem is I want the program to be able to download this file onto your computer. Also, this program runs directly in the terminal, not on a website. Please help me with my problem.

Though I could be wrong, without a website, I believe this is out of scope of what replit can do.

As @Firepup650 said it’s kinda difficult to do this in replit.

If you want to automate the process, I think a web server would be better.
You can use Express.js and provide a route that server your mp3 file for download.
Then you can open this URL in your browser to download the file.

The thing is, you can’t directly trigger a download to a user’s filesystem from a script running on the server.

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