Create a "Themes" tab in the community tab

Replit should add a themes tab inside of the community tab so then people can see and use other themes published by users instead of opening links. Since themes isn’t a lesser part, the section should be a section inside of the community tab.


Agree. There should also be a #share-your-themes channel in the Discord server.


There is a themes club @LuisAFK (id of 49)

Yep, themes are very WIP but this is coming soon @AMDryzen5600X!

But this is not an official channel.

Doesn’t need to be. That’s the point of clubs.

Clubs are nice, but for something like this I’d say it deserves an official channel just like #share-your-repls

It finally happened! There’s now a themes tab!

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Mark that message as the solution! @AMDryzen5600X

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