Create a project in Python to input marks and generate Report card Student Information: Input: Student's name, roll number, and class section


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It seems that this post is asking for answers to a school assignment. It is against Replit Ask policy for community members to request or post complete answers to homework-like questions. On the other hand, the community can assist you in working through and understanding the core fundamentals of computer programming to help you figure out your question by yourself, though.

Also, please be sure to fill out the templates given when making a topic. We can’t help without information, like your current code.

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I cannot directly help you, but I can give you some tips that may be related to your question

Obtain input:

output_variable = input("prompt text: ")
#output_variable <- user’s entered text
#Console view
#prompt text: 

Print output:

print("Output text :)")
#Console view
#Output text :)

Define variables and Merge texts into a variable:

Hi = "Hello"
#Hi <- "Hello" (hello as text)
World = "World"
#World <- "World" (world as text)
Exc_mark = "!"
#Exc_mark <- "!" (Exclaim action mark as text)

HelloWorld = "I wanted to say" + Hi + World + Exc_mark
#HelloWorld <- "I wanted to say Hello World !"