Create a firewalled domain that does not rely on the original domain for schools

Describe your feature request
Schools require safety for students but also to keep the school network safe from students. Students can find code online to bypass school filters so why can you not create a version we can use in education like the firewalled version but keep it separate from the original Right now your firewalled version relies on so we can’t block it and students use it to get around the filters.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Schools would allow teachers to use it - the students can find code to bypass a school filter which is also on your forum
Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Trying to use it for instruction and once we found students bypassing the filter, we won’t allow it to be used in the classroom any longer

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So does not solve your problem?


firewalledreplit depends on, but why do you need If you mean that teachers need to be able to access schools should have separate network authentication / proxy port for teachers and students, which can be used to have separate filters (the one that I go to does).
If you need domains for VNC output or students’ websites, but want to block all else: block * but allow <teamname>--*, where teamname is the username of your edu team.


I thought firewalled replit didn’t depend on or The only resource that both and seem to share is, which shouldn’t be blocked.

GQL and crosis are accessible via, and hosting is done on At one point, I didn’t have access to and, but firewalled replit still worked.