CPU utilization in Replit/ReplitのCPU使用率について

I am writing HTML and CSS (Javasprict is available, but I do not use it), but since I have been using it, the CPU usage is almost always 100% and the contents are not saved on the server (when creating a project, it is still light, but it becomes heavy after about 1 minute). It often reaches 100% in less than 10 minutes). The server is not saving.
Please let me know if you know anything about this.
I have one project and it is about 40 lines long.
If possible, please answer in Japanese.

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@appdice
I am a Japanese user of Relit on the free plan.
I am a junior high school student in Japan.


こんにちは @appdice、フォーラムへようこそ!
RAM/CPU カウンタはかなり不正確である可能性がありますが、Repl の速度に関して問題が発生することはありません。これらのカウンターは、言語ごとに異なるコード インテリジェンスとバックグラウンド プロセスも考慮します。 RAM/CPU パワーが不足している場合は、現在のプランをアップグレードするか、Repl を増やすことを選択できます。
シェルで kill 1 と入力して、保存の問題が解決するかどうかを確認してください。

Hi @appdice, welcome to the forums!
The RAM/CPU counters can be fairly inaccurate and you shouldn’t face any problems regarding the speed of your Repl. These counters also take into account code intelligence and background processes, which vary from language to language. If you are running out of RAM/CPU power, you could choose to upgrade your current plan or boost your Repl.
For your saving problem, could you make sure you have all your code saved before doing this:
In the Shell, try entering kill 1 and see if that solves your saving problem.


If you’re running out of RAM you can also try disabling LSPs in the .replit file (note that this means no code intelligence for those languages).

In most of my Repls, LSPs are what use the most RAM (by far).