CPU saturated while doing nothing and other strangities

While using python i see weird stuff.

  • I open a repl (free), open two files and CPU bar is full red.
    Sometimes this happens when i ask the file to be reformatted (even a small script)
  • copy and paste … and the cursor goes to the top of the file
  • occasionally while typing the file is closed an a file called typing is open instead …
  • inline help box sometimes opens up and never goes away

Only way to solve the above is close and reopen the repl.

I can cope with this but it happens really often. It is truly annoying.

The cpu bar thing is either because of poetry or replit’s known to be buggy usage reporting.

Well, everything slows down when it goes full red and nothing is being done. (nothing being installed also)

Try running kill 1 in the shell if the CPU overflows to reboot your repl.