"Couldn't find a project to run."


Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@sy231950

Could you send a repl link? That would help us immensely. Also, welcome to the community!

Like python666 said, we need a link to help with the REPL, not a link to your profile.

Also, why are new users on ask always putting their profile link instead of their REPL link?

When a user is on replit.com and they select Help, Get Help, I need help using Replit,
this template (bolded in OP) shows up. There is another option “I need help with my code” that has more template fields.
Of course, if you are asking for help in using replit rather than with your code, you wouldn’t need to share a repl link. But this topic has the Code Help tag.

I think that the replit profile is either autogenerated or prompted for in the template. This is probably a replit problem.