CORS and SECURITY in my site? HELP

I created a general intelligence chatbot site:

When I was programming and using it in Microsoft Edge, I was able to type “Hello” and EXACTLY “Hello” and the text on the top right would clone itself, move down and it would display the data that the fetch request would give it. (Another website I have hosts a collection of TXT files. Everytime I enter a command It used to work, but now I am using Chrome, and have had someone else test it, and suddenly, whenever I enter a command, nothing happens (which isn’t sudden, obviously). I checked the console and got quite a few warnings and errors, as I have not before.

ALSO: One of the warnings mentioned: “Content Security Policy of your site blocks some resources”.
Why did it do that? I never changed anything.


This isn’t my area of expertise but maybe have a loook at this
Is all the Javascript and resources of the website local?

I fixed the issue, I just needed to date back my code a bit, but yes, the resources for everything were in the replit project, but the data that it requested would be accessed using a fetch request to another replit website hosting txt files.