Core plan here is big cheating

How do you expect me to subscribe through playstore and expect me to link card again from web before I can host my not well
That’s scam big scam
I subscribe monthly till now, I can’t even use it as I want I can’t stop the deployment and redeploy
Next thing I will see is You’re not eligible to use this product
This is duping

I’ve linked a credit card and I can confirm that it’s not a scam…


No not good because how do you expect me to buy from playstore and still link card again why

Just noting here, the majority of Ask isn’t Replit Staff.

On note for your issue, couldn’t you cancel from the playstore and link to your account directly instead?


Sorry you’ve had a negative experience. I’m not sure how you can link your card from the Play Store (I couldn’t see a way to do this in the Play Store) so if you could elaborate on what exactly you did that may help others understand your issue.

You should definitely be able to redeploy a Repl. You should see a redeploy button in the top right of the editor and be able to click that in your browser.


In the app you’ll have to open a new tab in the editor and use the deployments tool, then you should see the redeploy button.


Then why let’s buy from play store from in the first place

When you click redeploy it will show you’re not eligible to use the offer like I was not a core member

What I’m saying is for me to buy core members from play store I believe you still don’t expect me to link card again. That’s cheating, before you will pay for core member from playstore they should have let’s know that we will still need to link card again before we can use deploy the way we want

Have you already deployed the Repl and you are trying to redeploy, or are you just trying to deploy in the first place?

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Already deployed and stop but do correction to it and want to redeploy next thing not eligible

So just to confirm, you bought the Core plan via the Play Store, not via the app?

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Here is what I’m facing

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Now the question is are they saying buying from playstore is free user

Yes from playstore
Bought from playstore

Where do you see an option to buy from the playstore? Please send a screenshot of that.

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Can’t screenshots it now because I have upgrade
Before I upgrade, it always show upgrade account from the app

Are you using an Autoscale deployment? The compute units, I believe, are only for Autoscale deployments.

So when you bought the plan, did you click something in the app and it took you to the Play Store to make the purchase? I think the issue could be that plan payment was through a third party like the Play Store, meaning Replit doesn’t ever actually see your card details and can’t store them for use with deployments, hence needing to link your card in the Replit app as well.

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And that’s my question why do I need to pay through playstore if my card need to be charge again which means I can’t use what I pay for unless the card was link

Check the image I send I still have 5million unit to use now I can’t use it unless I link card to use it