Cord a website that users can come and chart up with me


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code snippet

I am confused. Elaborate?

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Like @ShaunMostert said, could you elaborate? If you mean code a website that users can chat on, depending on your language of choice, here are a few tutorials:
NodeJS - Realtime Chat With Users & Rooms -, Node & Express - YouTube
Python - Online Web Chat in Python With Flask - YouTube
These are fairly advanced, so I would not recommend them if you’re a beginner.

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@EmmanuelNengak welcome to the forums!

Like @ShaunMostert and @MiloCat said please elaborate on what you are asking for. Also please fill out the form like it is laid out it helps us out a lot. (I.e for the question please put what you are asking help for, for the Repl link please put the link to your Repl (e.x<name of Repl> if there are spaces in the name use dashes: -) for the code snippet put the code you currently have in there inside the backticks `, right next to the first line of backticks put the name of your language (e.x python, java make sure it is all lower case) Have a nice day :grinning:!

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