Copying Projects - Code not copying

Problem description:

I am copying a project from one team to another. The project “copies” and appears in the new team, with the right name but none of the content, I was under the impression that copying meant to duplicate the content as well as the repl settings (inc language and title).

Expected behavior:

Project gets copied, uses same details, includes all contents (files and lessons content).

Actual behavior:

Project copies, no files are included.

No content:

(can’t share other screen shots due being a new user!)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to team 1: REPLIT URL /team/a-level-y13-2023-24
  • Select copy project from the kebab menu
  • Copy project to 2nd team REPLIT /@a-level-summer-2023

Bug appears at this link:

REPLIT /@a-level-summer-2023/


Chrome/Windows 10

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I’ll pass this along to the team.

I am having the exact same issue. It would be great if this were fixed.

Hi @jhopebadminton , welcome to the forums! Can you download the file you want to copy, and send it to your students to upload it on their side?

That would be possible, but it defeats the entire point of the Teams for Education and would add a significant difficulty into the lessons when I want them to be focussing on programming.

I can make the project in the class team and that works fine, I just cant copy from one team to another.