Copying Project is failing with OLD CONTENTS

This is very critical bug.

Currently the workaround I am following is to download all the files from the project which needs to be copied.

Create a new repl for the project and delete all the files. Upload the earlier downloaded files and set the test cases.

In case a question to be used in 4 places. We need to manually repeat the same steps 4 times. It’s a waste of time. When will this be fixed?


The problem that I have is that I have a section with at least 30 repls, so doing all of that by hand would take way too long.

I have more than 50 repls. I am creating each one manually. But later If I can copy these created repls is a big question mark. or manually copy in this manner.

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I’d also like to mention that forking the project works, but the problem is the copying (doesn’t matter if it is to the same Team or another Team).

None of the code, assets or instructions copy over when copying a project for me. Is there any sign of this being fixed?

Maybe you guys can try downloading th repl as a .zip file and upload it in the other Team? Also, are you sure the repl has saved before you shared it?

Hey @rohinibarla!

Thank you for the reproduction steps. We will look into this and will follow up once we have an update!

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Downloading the repl and uploading it is the only way to “copy” them, but it is very time consuming considering I have a lot of repls. The copy button worked when I didn’t have that many repls so many that’s why? Also I am pretty sure I have saved the repls. If I open the repls up they look normal, but when I copy them is when the trouble arises

We have been able to reproduce this and will triage this accordingly. We will follow up once we have an update on this.

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How were you able to replicate this? Maybe you can share that with us so we could try to steer away from doing that.

This is blocker for us in the scenario of Created a private curriculum for our university. University with huge number of cohorts of students it is not practical to create the same questions say 28 times. We have 28 sections of CSE students. Each section contains 60 students.

Any update on this issue?
I am waiting for this issue to be fixed.

So that I can create a private collection problems (like a curriculum) which will be used to create multiple copies.

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This happened to me too

Yesterday, we escalated the issue and have increased the priority to make sure that the issue is looked into. We will follow up once we have found a resolution for the issue

Same problem here. I can see this has been escalated so that’s good. This is a very serious issue so really needs resolving ASAP.
It gets stranger. In a Team I have been copying a base ‘template’ project over into new projects and editing it but noticed it was only copying over the instructions and tests from the base project and not the files. It’s a pain but I figured I’d just work with it.
I have just copied over the entire set of projects I created by editing copies of that base template into a new team and when I have checked the projects (around 50 of them) it’s only copied over the correct tests. The instructions all show the original instructions from the base project I copied and none of the files.
It’s very strange but a big problem.

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We have dedicated resources to solving this issue. Please stay tuned for an update.


Bug description:
Copying a project from a team to another team doesn’t work anymore (I could do it before very well, even with the .md files), even through a shared link. The solution to copy .zip project is anoying.

Expected vs Current Behavior:
Only the project name is copied, but it is empty.

Steps to reproduce:
Try with this test link :

Bug appears at this link:

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:

Browser/OS/Device: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/114.0
Chrome and Safari also

Replit Profile:

We have released a fix for this! If you copy projects now, all files should be copied over. If this is not the case, please let us know!


It works, thank’s a lot.

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