Copying course content to another team

I am creating a course team from content from another team. In one case, the team is archived. Replit suggests that I create a link to do a bulk copy. I have done that, but I don’t know where that link goes once I have copied it. I don’t wish to migrate each individual lesson and project, that would take too long. Anyone know how to do this? Otherwise, why have this link at all?

Hi Paul,

The link goes directly into the address bar. It’ll let you select which projects you want to import and which team they will get copied to. I hope that helps!

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That just seems to bring all components into the new course in alphabetical order, getting rid of all the organization of the units. With several activities, that would be a lot of work to re-order.

Hi @paul currently units do not migrate, just the projects. However this is something which has been raised as a suggestion many times and there is planning going on to introduce this in the future but no expected date as yet.