Copying code from one repl to another

I am on day 17 of 100 days of code and i am trying to copy my code from day 14 into the editor so i can add to it but i cant seem to get it to workl Help please

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code snippet

Have you tried copy pasting the code in

yes. it does nothing. I have even tried opening Replit in my browser and copying from there to the app and within the web app…still nothing

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So you are on mobile right?

Hi @KyleBeaubouef , welcome to the forums!
What do you mean by ‘not working’?

I am on pc. I mean nothing happens when i say not working

I go to myrpls, highlight the code, right click and copy, go back to the day 17, paste, nothing.

Hi @KyleBeaubouef !
Could you share the code that you are trying to move?
Please enclose your code like this: ```py


umm…how? if i could do that i could put it where i need it

not trying to be snarky just frustrated\

I am doing this course to supplement the Computer Science degree I’m working on. My python class starts next week and i was trying to get a leg up on it but grrrrr

rom getpass import getpass as input

print("select your move, enter (R)ock, (P)aper, or (S)cissors")

player1 = input('Player1 > ')
player2 = input("player2 > ")

if player1 == "R" or player1 =='r':
  if player2 == "R":
    print('Two rocks!  Draw!')
  elif player2 == "S":
    print("player one wins!  Rock smashes scissors!")
  elif player2 =="P":
    print("paper beats rock! Player 2 wins!")
    print("invalid move player 2")
elif player1 == "P":
  if player2 == "R":
    print('player 1 wins!  paper beats rock!')
  elif player2 == 'S':
    print('player 2 wins!  scissors cut paper!')
  elif player2 == "P":

@KyleBeaubouef I don’t see why your code shouldn’t work.
Can you send a link to your repl? (Not the invite link)

Then what do you mean by “app”?

Can you explain what this means? Shouldn’t the code already be in the editor?

Are you using the Replit Desktop App beta?

Have you tried restarting your computer or making sure your clipboard is working properly? What app, browser, and OS are you using?

I am using Replit app i downloaded from their website. Microsoft edge and windows 10

I mean the desktop application that comes up for downloading when you open Should i not use this app and just use the website?

Sounds like you’re using the mobile app… on PC… Yeah you should probably just use the website cause I’m confused…

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So on day 14 was required to write code for a game of rock paper scissors. No sweat. Did that. On day 17 we are learning to use the “continue” function, and are told to go find our RPS code and load it into the editor for day 17s challenge. I cannot find how i am supposed to do this.

the code does work. The assignment is to load it into day 17 and make it more than one round