Copying a Python repl produces Blank repl at destination

I’ve been trying to copy a project from my teacher’s team (my original projects are stored there) to my studen’ts teams using share links.

The original project is a Python repl, but it seems to be saved as a blank repl at destination.

I teach simple projects to young kids and the multiple files in a blank project is not ideal.

Strange bug, but wdym by “multiple files”? It may have lost the data that it was forked from the Python template, but that shouldn’t change the content

@ MonsieurT Both of those problems are issues that have been around for a while, I submitted a bug report a couple of months ago. Anytime a Python REPL is copied from one team to another, it’s changed to a Blank or Bash REPL.

I’m guessing the “multiple” files you’re talking about are the hidden files/folders (.config, venv, .replit, replit.nix) that are showing up? I submitted a bug for that as well. I just told my students to ignore them.

By default, copying a project over from a team sets the language of the project to be a blank repl, or Nix. This enables better scalability and customization. The cloned repl will behave the same as the original one, so no worries on that.

All those hidden files/folders you get when creating a blank repl. It’s really not a big problem except for young students who like to touch/try everything.

I know, it’s just not ideal in a learning environment, in particular when students are stressed during an assesment.

Strange… I’ve been encountering this problem for 2 weeks only, and not 100% of the time.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.