Copy Team Project in Java breaks project

Hey folks -
Wondering if anyone else is having this issue. When I copy a TFE project, the new project seems to be scattered. It no longer shows up as Java for an icon, and inside the project, class files are now visible, as well as configuration files that were never setup in the original. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @RaiderCS thanks for your message and welcome to the community.

I’ve noticed a few reports of this over the last few weeks. It seems to just happen when a project is copied, is that right?

I’ll send a message to support and find out if this has already been logged.

Hey Ian -
Thanks! Yes, this only seems to happen when I copy projects. I’ve copied into the same team and across teams with the same behavior. Right now, the obvious workaround is copy/paste into new projects, but it struck me as odd that it happens at all. Steps to replicate, at least in my environment:

  • make any new project in java - create a lesson/instructions
  • run it once and save etc
  • copy the project into the same Team

The immediate new project lacks the Java icon, and when opening it, there will be a Main.class file, plus replit configurations and other configuration files. Removing them manually doesn’t fix the problem.

Thanks for looking into it!


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Hi @RaiderCS that’s great information, thank you for sharing.

The issue has been logged with Replit Support and they are looking into it. I wanted to reassure you that the copy is being shown as a Nix project template instead of Java but it should work as normal. You should also be able to hide the additional configuration files by editing the .replit file if needed in the short term.

If I hear more on this I’ll add the update here. I’ll cycle back in a few days to the topic.

Hey Ian -
Circling back around to this as I build out my assignments. Still a problem and it really doesn’t function like a regular Java project. Class files appear as visible right out of the gate (even before first run of the copied project) and I haven’t found any way to make the config files go away. In general it messes with the kids because anything different creates confusion in an otherwise really clean environment. Any chance we could look deeper at this?
edit I should mention that I understand you can “hide hidden files” from the dropdown ellipses but part of the value of using replit with the students is their complete ignorance of those files unless they get really into it… and seeing two types of projects in the project list throws them for a loop.

Hi @RaiderCS thanks for highlighting that this is still an issue. I’ll discuss again with Replit Support to see where it is on the timeline.

Hey @RaiderCS!

Support here. This issue is purely a UI glitch and should not affect the overall experience. Eg: If you copy a Java Repl, it will lose it’s icon, but it will still be a Java Repl on the inside.

I have asked the team if we can prioritize fixing this issue as it looks like more and more users are affected.

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Good to know - thank you! Is it perhaps possible/useful to add a request to be able to change templates then? I do realize that this would break things, but depending on situation it could be useful… maybe just in the .replit file or something like that. Either way I appreciate the response!

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I don’t think we can retroactively change the icons, although I will check that as well! (still no word on the original issue)

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Problem description:

When copying a program in Python, Java, C++, or any other language that runs on Nix, the icon changes from the blue language-specific icon (first three in the image below) to the bash script icon (rightmost in the image below).


Although copying a repl doesn’t change its functionality, the inconsistent icons are a minor nuisance. I stopped using the copy feature and just remade each repl just to get the correct icons.

Expected behaviour:
Copying a program should preserve its original icon.

Actual behaviour:
If it’s a language that runs on Nix, it changes to the bash script icon.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to a project in a Team that has a blue icon and copy it into the same or different Team. The copy will have the bash script icon.

Update: I forgot to mention that a similar thing happens when copying P5.js projects. The icon changes from the P5 logo (left in the image below) to the HTML5 logo (right in the image below).




This has been fixed. If you’re still having issues, please let us know!


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