Copy Replit project to another Team not working

I am trying to copy a project to another team (I am an admin in both)…
the copy dialogue asks to which team and under what unit; after I fill it out and indicate “Copy”, the copy dialogue simply resets and asks again to which team and under what unit.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

hello Pablo so your having a problem with coping a project right well in this case I would create a new repl in the team and copy the code from the old project into the new one tbh I haven’t tried teams yet but another way would be to download the project and put it into the other team

Peter, thank you for your quick reply. That sounds like a reasonable alternative except for the fact that I would need to make all the tests all over again (unless there is a way to copy the tests).
Is the copy not working only for me?

its Parker but thats ok but this should work though it works for me lol

Oh Sorry, Parker! (Peter-Parker… Peter Griffin … my brain just screamed “Peter”)… I think the project can be recreated and manually copied file by file… or uploaded from a zip… but I don;t think tests get copied, right?

zip would be the best choice to copy it over but yes it would copy the tests

I’ll try that and mark this a an answer if this works… thanks!

no problem pleasure to help ya

Wait, one missing element. I downloaded the original into a zip… How do you upload to the other Team to a new Project?

copy the code from the file the has the missing line and it should fix it like the whole file code

Sorry, but I did not understand that. I am not missing a line of code. I want to copy a whole project (many different files as well as many Input Output Tests) into another Team. I have downloaded the zip and now want to upload the whole thing (not just the files) so the tests are now also there.

from the og project copy all the code from it and copy it to the other repl in the other team

OK. yes, that works for the files, but not for the Input-Output tests. Thank you though

no problem but the input output tests don’t work?

the Input-output tests I speak of are these:

Not tests run inside any of the python modules or the file
Are you telling me, there is a way to upload these as well? if so, how?
I currently have a zip file with the whole project, with a ton of files and folders, including environment variables, package info, etc. How does one upload a zip to replit in shcu a way that it is not a copy paste or drag and drop of file-by file… AND in such a way that it copies the input-output files as well?

hmm never rlly tried testing things before lol I code js sorry

Thanks anyway. I will try some other medium.

no problem glad to help