Copy/Paste in Replit Phone version

Problem description:
The new update on the mobile app breaks selecting all text or using the default copy and paste functions. That was key for me and now the new pop up breaks that. If the new me u had a select all maybe this would be okay.

Expected behavior:
Be able to select all text in a file and do normal keyboard operations like deleting it, copying it, pasting over it, etc

Actual behavior:
The new pop up tool when highlighting text not only removes the old useful menu but it breaks the selection cursors. I can’t actually pick text to select at all any more even if I wanted to drag it all.

Steps to reproduce:
Try to select text…

Device (Android, iOS, n/a leave blank):
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Question: I can’t do Copy/Paste in Replit on my phone. I can’t add WebHooks links.

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code snippet

Hi @PauLaguarda , welcome to the forums!
Could you send a screen recording of the issue? is preferred.

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