Copied file not found on WebView without modification

Problem description

Copied file not found on WebView without modification.

Expected behavior

The copied file should be available on WebView.

Actual behavior

Copied file not found on WebView

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create HTML+CSS+JS project
  2. Open Terminal/Shell, and copy index.html with cp command.
cp index.html copy-of-index.html
  1. Open the copy-of-index.html file on WebView. The file will be not found.

If I edit copy-of-index.html content, the file will be available.

Tested on:




Linux, MacOS, Windows

Device if mobile



Core Membership

Please upload screenshots

This is a known long-standing issue. Files modified through the shell by any means do not update until edited through the UI. The workaround is to edit them through the UI, or to use the HTML/CSS/JS Auto refresh template.