Conversation History using Deployments

Hi, I built a chatbot as a flask application and when I tested it I was able to read the conversation. history in the console, so I could potentially optimize the bot’s outputs and reduce the hallucinations rate. But I need the chatbot 24/7 online so I activated the deployments and the bot is working properly without any problem, but I discovered that I can’t check the conversation history in console or somewhere else when deployment is activated.

Does someone know how to check the conversation history when the bot is deployed?

Sorry if my language is not so technical but I’m literally a no coder who was able to built a flask application thanks to AI :smiley:

Hi @RicascoLTD!
To check the logs of your deployment, head to the :globe_with_meridians: Deployments tab, and press the Logs button.

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thank you for the answer. Unfortunately in Logs I don’t have the same informations of the console output when I was doing test, conversation history included. Maybe have I to include specific lines of code in my flask application?

At the moment I have this snippet and it shows me the conversation history when I run the code without deployments:

    format="%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s",

Understood. Maybe try printing to the console as an alternative to the logging module.

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thank you for the answer. could you explain it in a bit more specific way? Have I to substitute “logging” in that snippet?

Thank you again

Just replace all of the logging statements with print(). You could also upload the data to a PostgreSQL database.

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