Continue with Google on a Repl

I don’t know if this belongs in Code Help, but I’ll put it here.

How do I create a button for Login with Google? I currently use Repl Auth but would like to make my site easier to use if I just used Google instead of Replit.

Repl link:
My website that currently uses Repl Auth:
A lot of my friends signed up for Replit just for this one project, makes no sense if you’re going to make an account just to use one Repl.

Notice how it uses Replit which isn’t a big problem but a lot of people know logging in with Google is better than logging in with Replit. Also might be more secure, I don’t know. Also wanted to quickly ask if this is even possible with Replit. I haven’t seen Google Authentication ANYWHERE on Replit, except on Replit itself.

I did design that button, it’s pretty good.

You’d need to use Google’s API for authentication, since Replit can’t handle it for you.

  1. So it’s possible?
  2. How?

That’d probably end up being the easiest part.

I meant that as in authentication, not the actual button lol

Maybe read this:

English version Integracja Logowania przez Google z aplikacją internetową  |  Authentication  |  Google Developers

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