Contest Contestants, information, deadline, prizes for winning and game links

Me, @element1010, and ANDREWPERNA1 are doing a coding contest. The language of code is a Python game, the game must be interactive in some way. We cannot steal or fork any repls for this, so copying code from any games that you do NOT own is strictly prohibited. If any of the contestants disobey this rule they will be disqualified or forced to restart the entire project. A Google form is required to be submitted to me, the goal of the Google form is to tell me a little more about the contestant’s game like description, objective, and the storyline revolving around the game. The deadline is 2 weeks. And the prize for 2nd place is 5 cycles and the 1st place is 10 cycles. 3rd place doesn’t get anything.

Here are the links to the games so far NOTE: None of the games are completely finished yet so don’t expect them to be perfect and completed

My game:
@element1010 's game:

Who do you think will win?

Its nowhere close to done, but I do have this game that has been in the works for probably close to 2-3 years now.

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Those aren’t game links, it’s just their profiles.


o lol sorry. . . . .

@QwertyQwerty88 please close this, the contest has been canceled.