Content not visible

Problem description:
You cant see the content of the page.

Expected behavior:
You can see the content of the page.

Actual behavior:
You cant see the content of the page.

Steps to reproduce:
Set a style for canvas in which the background-color doesnt have an alpha value of 0

Bug appears at this link:
Yeah, nah, I dont have one.

Lots of them/windows/computer

If your want to see it then go to here…
…and change the target of the style for #gameCanvas to just canvas.

The problem is that you are overlaying the page with a canvas that I think is used to display some debug info or something (just going by its class name) and he was setting the canvas background-color to something that had an alpha of 1 in the styles that was causing your overlay to also have that making it so you couldnt see the page. Maybe just set the background-color of that element (.luna-dom-highlighter-fill) to explicitly have an alpha of 0?

Hey @PAEz,

could you be more specific, where don’t you see the content?