Constantly reconnecting and i can't run any scripts

I want to run my script but when it boots up, it says connected in green for a slight second and starts popping up reconnecting like every 10 seconds or so, my internet is pretty good going 500mbs. I honestly don’t know why its not connecting plz help​:sob::sob:

Hi @Averagedued , welcome to the forums!
Can you try entering kill 1 in the Shell and see if that works?
Hope this helps!
EDIT: Can you ensure that your internaet connection is stable?

Are you using a school network? (Or a restricted network in general?)

For some reason it doesn’t let me type on the shelll tab?

im on my schools chromebook and i used both networks the schools and my own, i also used my own computer with my own network and it still didn’t work, do you happent to know if its like between account im using?

Well, it’s not going to be the account. Does your computer have monitoring software on it (i.e. parental controls).

Also, does the refresh/no-internet appear immediately after you click the run button?

my chromebook has school moderation but it has my own account not my schools gmail

yes it does, also before i even click the run button the left side it shows a red wifi signal with a line across it

Hi @Averagedued !
Are all your repls affected by this?

yea all of my repls are affected idk why

What moderation software does your school use? Even if it uses your gmail, it might be able to still block domains (I’m not completely sure, depends on how your school set it up)