Constant disconnection without reconnection

Problem description

every here and there my replit disconnects and it wont save, I end up waiting a long time and the only thing that fixes it is refreshing my page, this is a pain because it doesnt save till connected making me loose lots of progress.

most likely asked questions:
browser: Google Chrome
device: MacBook Air
Internet: good

Expected behavior

it should connect fine and save my work, atleast reconnect eventually.

Actual behavior

just using replit for a long period of time.

Steps to reproduce

last time this happened(which is right now):

  • using replit fine
  • closed laptop to move to a different location(most likely the problem)
  • reopened the laptop and worked for a while before noticing the issue.


Google Chrome


MacBook Air

Device if mobile

MacBook Air/None



dont think this is very helpful, but this project is in python.

Hi @CaedmonNahrgang , welcome to the forums!
Try entering kill 1 in the Shell.
Hope this helps!

Ive tried this before but I cant even interact with it in the first place when it discconnects.

Have you tried refreshing the page?

If that doesn’t work, try forking it.

please read the problem description.

Oh, I thought it was just loading and only giving you a reconnecting toast,
Try forking the project.

sadly it is a team project so forking it might cause some problems, I could just copy and paste it out of the fork but last time I tried that, the indention got all messed up and I had to reindent everything.

This might be an actual bug with teams,
But if I’m correct, teams is getting deprecated soon, so moving to a normal Repl and using multiplayer might be best.

No, only teams for edu is being deprecated.

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when I said teams, I forgot about the teams feature, I meant as in multiplayer, sorry for the confusion

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Hi @CaedmonNahrgang !
Is your internet connection stable? Could you try switching to a different network?

They already said.

When people don’t provide details, we ask for them. When they do, we ask questions they’ve already answered :woman_facepalming:

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Oh… must have missed that. I usually just skim.
@CaedmonNahrgang Does this vug only occur at the location you moved to, or any other location than where it works (originally was)?