Console's Double Spaced

So I’m trying to make a console-based game, but the lines in the console are double spaced and I’ve got no idea how to change this to single. It’s really hard to render the stuff when the characters need to be spaced out.
Not sure if there’s some replit setting I’m missing or if I should use code to change it somehow. If the latter is the case, I would much appreciate solutions in Python.

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To change the indentation style in Replit, go to your in-repl settings and under “Indentation Character” you’ll find a dropdown!
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Sorry, I’m talking about inside of the console, the space between the lines is larger than the space between the adjacent characters. I want to be able to make it so they are equal.

Even if we can find a way to configure this, it wouldn’t be portable. If we can get the xtermjs instance of the replit console, it might be possible with a bookmarklet and javascript - How to resize xtermjs terminal - Stack Overflow
Any effect in particular you want to achieve by reducing the line height? We might find a workaround. Or maybe you’re better off creating a website instead, especially if you’re getting performance issues from repetitive prints to the console, which is buffered. To learn JS would be worth it imo.