Console showing nix/store on start up

console is showing nix/store random string of characters and then nodejs-18.16.1/bin/node $file and then dies

i knew that this wasn’t the right nodejs version so I went to the shell and checked the nodejs version and sure enough its nodejs 20.6.0

which I just recently installed in the repl for npm 10 it will only boot the repl in the shell and not the console

edit: after reinstalling nodejs 20.6.0 the repl is now constantly rebooting

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The nix thing has to do with updates to the platform. Changing the hidden file .replit should get rid of it (add a new line 1 saying run = "clear && [whatever command to run nodejs]").
As for the other error, could you provide the link to your Repl so we can take a look?

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as in like a invite link or the repl link?

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Try clicking the 3 dots, “Show hidden files”, and adding a line 1 to .replit containing run = "clear && [whatever command to run nodejs]". I don’t know which command runs NodeJS but clearly you do. Whatever you’ve been running in shell just put that there. See if that fixes the issue.

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Try using the contents of line 8 for line 1.

did and it is still reporting the nodejs v20.6.0

but when i ran a command in the bot itself to check the nodejs version and it is reporting nodejs v18.16.1

So the bot runs but the NodeJS version is different?

well it didnt run without the run = “clear && [node index.js]” before i put it in but yes

but then when i try to install npm 10.1.0 I get this

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i hav same problem did you find any solutin

ehh i replaced the .replit files with all of this

entrypoint = "index.js"

hidden = [".config", "package-lock.json, .index.js"]

command = [
   "\u0001\u001b[33m\u0002\u0001\u001b[00m\u0002 ",

regex = "Error \\[ERR_REQUIRE_ESM\\]"
message = "We see that you are using require(...) inside your code. We currently do not support this syntax. Please use 'import' instead when using external modules. ("

channel = "stable-22_11"

XDG_CONFIG_HOME = "/home/runner/.config"
PATH = "/home/runner/$REPL_SLUG/.config/npm/node_global/bin:/home/runner/$REPL_SLUG/node_modules/.bin"
npm_config_prefix = "/home/runner/$REPL_SLUG/.config/npm/node_global"

requiredFiles = [".replit", "replit.nix", ".config", "package.json", "package-lock.json", "index.js"]

language = "nodejs"

 packageSearch = true
 guessImports = true
 enabledForHosting = false

language = "nodejs"

support = true

 transport = "localhost:0"
 startCommand = [ "dap-node" ]

   command = "initialize"
   type = "request"

     clientID = "replit"
     clientName = ""
     columnsStartAt1 = true
     linesStartAt1 = true
     locale = "en-us"
     pathFormat = "path"
     supportsInvalidatedEvent = true
     supportsProgressReporting = true
     supportsRunInTerminalRequest = true
     supportsVariablePaging = true
     supportsVariableType = true

   command = "launch"
   type = "request"
     args = []
     console = "externalTerminal"
     cwd = "."
     environment = []
     pauseForSourceMap = false
     program = "./index.js"
     request = "launch"
     sourceMaps = true
     stopOnEntry = false
     type = "pwa-node"


pattern = "**/{*.js,*.jsx,*.ts,*.tsx}"

start = "typescript-language-server --stdio"

pageEnabled = false
buttonEnabled = false

brother is it permanent solution or not

why this problem is happing

it should be a permanent and temp fix i use it for blank repls

thanks bro my entire day is runed beacuase of this reason

Replit is going to get rid of the nix/store thing. It is because prybar was taken away (and prybar will become available again in the future). I have been told to let users know.

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