Console probleme

hello I can’t found the console or the output for java when I code

Welcome to the community, @Dextouu! Can you please send me a screenshot of what your IDE looks like?

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Alr so do you see the plus sign next to where it says shell? Click on that and then type “console” then click on it.

Do you mean javascript? .js files are for javascript, not java. 2 completely different languages.


yeah I see it right there

Can you see the console now?

no there’s no console right there

Can you screenshot the options there?

Where it says, “Search for tools and files” type, “console” into that and see if it works.

i just have code

Would you mind inviting me to the repl? If not it’s fine. :smiley:

it’s ok how can I do that
sorry I’m new here I’m a little beginner in this platform

Ur good, :slight_smile: we all have to start somewhere. Click on the invite button, then type, “JayAySeaOhBee14” then click my name, then invite, or smth like that.

done can u check it pls

Hey, just putting this in here as well so that way I can show you the img. Click the wrench in the top right of the web view, then you should have a console open up on the bottom of the web view. Hope this helps! :smiley:


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