Console not working properly

Problem description:
I’m trying to execute some code but the console seems to be not working, is there a bug or something?? I tried it on a different PC and it runs

Expected behavior:
something on the console

Actual behavior:
console outputs nothing, not even running

google chrome

Hey @sequeraraulalej! Welcome to the community!

You can try a cache refresh of the Replit website by pressing Shift + Ctrl + R on your keyboard.


i tried that, yet not working

Does the issue occur on all Repls or is it just one?

If it is, could you provide a link to that Repl.

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it occurred to every single repl I’ve created yesterday It was working correctly but today is not

Can you provide some screenshots and a minimal Repl which reproduces the issue?


hello ah the same the problem I tried refreshing the page as well